Tharwa POS Product Panel keypad and receipt


Other retail functions is the ability to switch from POS Panel  Graphic view which is a very handy way to enter products to  the familiar list view, usually used in retail shops. The list view enlarges the list/receipt from the side to the center and hides the graphical panel view.


The system has numeric keypad for direct POS entry of touch screens and designed for use as such. There is a CLEAR transaction (payment details) so that you can retype the payment , All Clear (to clear the transaction), Ability to delete a transaction (marked as deleted by still in audit, of audit purposes).


Whilst the user enters products the index on the list follows the product so for example if you have selected a particular serial box and entered it then you added another product and then you entered again the first serial box the system will find the previous item and increase the quantity automatically (so there will be no two entries but one of quantity two).


A truly easy system to use!




Tharwa 2016 has been designed to provide maximum flexibility to the user by allowing many ways of entering products either by selection of category and product or by preparing your own preference screens with 36 buttons per screen quickly switchable or by barcode scanning or by PLU code entry. The flexibility does not end there. Tharwa supports the numeric pad on the right hand side or the left hand side of the screen.


Tharwa is very efficient memory wise and so it is also very fast. You will see that when you start using it you will barely escape 200 MB RAM of usage and 10% - 15% of a 2.8 GHz CPU.


The efficiency does not stop there. The system allows you to have up to 3 hold translations, opening and closing day (cash registry functions) as well as direct ability to discount or change number of items per product in transaction or in total stock.


Tharwa is designed for the small-medium shop and will provide for the functions of a supermarket, clothes or other retail shop.

POS system with List mode also including product panels.
Includes Database control , UI control , Product and Category control and accounting details control


The stock control module allows the creation modification and deletion of products. The user creates a userid (usually from the bar-code) or the system can create one for the user. Usual items entered here are product name, PLU code, price bought, price to be sold, VAT rate and image. The images are stored in a compressed format so the actual images need not be stored in a separate file.


Products are divided to categories and can be in batches. Categories can have their own identification color that is also used in the POS panel.





Tharwa 2016 allows the user to configure the system with multipel printers (Report and Receipt) as well as configure the user preferred quick or hot-key panels. These are panels (up to 36 keys per panel) that are programmable by the user to hold a product and its image. So the user can configure hot key with a  panel that has most client favorite items or a panel that has products from multiple categories.


Other configurations are multiple currencies, multiple VATs, arrangement of left/right handed side of numeric key pad, maintenance of database and import or export of it in CSV format.



Incventory Management with barcode PLU and image entries.
Reports on product , cash registry, open close day, product profitability transactions by month and inventory.


From the POS Panel the user has direct access to classical cash register reports - the X and Z reports. The X1 report is an end of day report and the X2 is an end of period (like end of month) report. Similar function is of the Z1 and Z2 reports however the Z1/Z2 can be printed only once and they are the final and official reports whereas the X1/X2 can be reprinted with the indication 'COPY'.


In the reports program section there is support for another 8 reports specifically:

 - Cash Registry (The daily report of open and close day)

-  Category (Sales by category)

 - Full stock (Inventory report)

-  Product (Sales by product)

- Profit and Loss (of products)

- Transactions by day (Transaction details)

- Transactions by month (Indicating transactions of whole month)

- Transaction (Further transaction details)


All reports be generated for the current day, week, month, previous months, year or custom period.


Sales graph of the period.


Tharwa 2016 supports many languages and corresponding currencies and VAT rates.


Languages supported are:








Includes 8 reports including cash stock transactions also X and Z classical reports


There is support for graph so that you can visualize your sales achievements as well. This is a sales graph display.





Tharwa supports English, US, UK, French, Francais, German, Deutch, Russian, Greek, Ελληνικά and Arabic


• POS Software

• POS Panel View with numeric keypad, AC, C, EDIT item, in transaction Discount, Change quantities and small List/Receipt View

• POS Panel View in List Mode (alternative to POS Panel)

• POS Panel Hot Key Configuration Panels with 36 keys each panel, graphical image of products display

• POS Product Entry Modes: Graphical Hot Key Panel, BarCode scan, Category/Product List or PLU Code

• 3 Hold Transactions

• X1, X2, Z1, Z2 Classical Cash Register reports

• Analytical Receipt for without and with discount options

• Name of Company, Logo of Company

• Name, tel, Address on receipt of company

• Stock Control module: Add/ Edit/Delete products, Add/Edit/Delete Categories

• Product details: Product ID/BarCode, PLU, Name, Price bought, Selling price, VAT rate, Image

• 8 Extra Reports, customizable period

• Sale Graph

• 6 Supported Languages (English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Greek)

• Supported Currencies (Euro, GBP, Dollar, Russian Ruble)

• Software Box Dimensions: 13.5 x 19.5 x 28.9 cm

• Weight: 100 g

• 14 day satisfaction guarantee

• 3 year warranty


In the Box

• Tharwa 2016 POS Software CD

• Guarantee and Terms

• License and Product Code