Technology Consultancy

Technology consultancy is the main target of this office and we deal with a number of aspects that a client might want to involve us ranging from solution research and procurement assistance with setting and evaluating RFPs and assisting in the pricing negotiations. We are specializing in Banking infrastructures relating to either database or data warehouse systems, ATM platforms and software.


It is unimaginable for a large organization to go forward without technology tools both hardware as well as software solutions. However there are many vendors that provide services and products and choosing a solution or service usually means quite a task for the IT and procurement.


We provide our expertise and knowhow of market and best practices so that we can prepare with you a technology map of the items that are needed based on business needs and  the vision of your organization. We can form these into a business specifications document and a proposed architecture.


The technology map can be first formed after interviews take place within the organization that can help establish the vision of the organization which is expressed into a document which becomes the basis of the next step. The Vision document will help as a second step establish the business requirements and the budgets related.


We then take this information and we identify the proposed technologies that are available in the market at the price range within budget and we form a technology map. Times and dates are scheduled so then proceed with next steps (RFI/RFP).

ATM aIT Consultancy Solutions Architects
Solution Architects ATM Software Developers

We can then build Request for proposals (RFPs) or request for Information (RFIs) and evaluate the responses from vendors and also undertake the vendor interviews and presentations. In the case that there will be proof of concept we can undertake the overview and evaluation of the results.



The Service Deliverables:


•  Business Specifications Document


•  Technology Map


•  Proposed Architecture Document


•  RFI / RFP Preparation and evaluation



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