Solution Architecture and Software Development

As we have expertise in many banking, financial and IT systems we can help you to design your next solution architecture. Our know how of market solutions and vendors will allow you to mix the best of breed solutions with the assurance that you will receive a problem-free , robust solution architecture. We can consult you on your road-map so that your investment will come naturally matching your budget.


Solution architects that deals with banks has to be familiar with a number of technologies in the particular field whether that is web services, EMV implementations or a new card security protocol. Our experience in ATM networks and large corporate projects can be your assistance in designing your new solution that will establish you in your market.


On development on your behalf of a new solution we have available seasoned developers on ATM technology and for other back end solutions.



The Service Deliverables (Architecture):


•  Gathering of (future and current) Business Requirements


•  Develop a requirements document


•  Gather information on technologies that are required to build the planned solution(s) or



•  Analyse communication, storage, disaster recovery, business continuity, load balancing  and more



•  Prepare a (future) solutions map and a final large architecture document



The Service Deliverables (Software Development):


•  Gathering of (specific requested solution) Business Requirements


•  Preparation and delivery of finalized Statement of Work and Project Plan


•  Development of finalized BRD


•  Development of Testing Plan, Testing scenarios


•  Software Development in C#, VB.Net, Java,  or C++ and HTML/Scripts


•  Testing and Sign-off




ATM Solution Architecture Software Solution Architecture Software Development
ATM and IT Software Development in C# C++ VB.Net also in VB6 Aptra Edge Aptra ActiveXFS
Retail POS Software for supermarkets stores newsagents and more. Includes Inventory.

Tharwa 2016 POS  Software