Operating System and Software Infrastructure Audit

Security can never be enough and large organizations are always vulnerable from outside and inside threats. Anti-viruses usually know of a number of threats and do not analyze everything (like external efforts to access).  We provide a robust service of checking servers and workstations of the organization for viruses, trojans , back-doors, open ports and other vulnerabilities that will close any open doors that should be closed.


Operating System Audit Service is designed to assist many customers to reveal their infrastructure security vulnerabilities and performance issues that they may have. To do that we take a rigorous analysis of servers and workstation systems. We test against hidden applications many times unknown to the anti-virus systems, we examine the registries of your different servers and examine if the correct applications are there and which are not authorized to be. Also we examine for memory leakages, underlying processes that are unnecessary.


In the aspect of performance we will check against hard disk and memory utilization as well we will check against reported by users and by the system and application logs of systems which will reveal what type of underlying issues exist in the environment.


Lastly we will examine your physical security that you have , we will examine your physical setup , doors, vaults as well as electronic archiving systems and report back possible problems.



The Service Deliverables:




• Known Operating System and application vulnerabilities that may exist on your setup


• Registries examination of servers and workstations


• applications and services startup sequence, search for unauthorized entities


• Processes and services examination


• Examination of system , application and antivirus logs


• White listed application versus current setup


• Communication connections/protocols analysis


• Users systems access ananlysis


• Users application access analysis


• Users web access analysis






• Memory, storage and usage analysis


• Process cpu usage


• System and Device Log analysis for irregularities and restarts or device failures


• Restarts and issues


• Communication bandwidth analysis





System auditing analysis vulnerability testing antivirus malware infiltration testing
System auditing analysis vulnerability testing antivirus malware infiltration testing