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Technology Consultancy

Technology consultancy is the main target of this office and we deal with a number of aspects that a client might want to involve us ranging from solution research and procurement assistance with setting and evaluating RFPs and assisting in the pricing negotiations. We are specializing in Banking infrastructures relating to either database or data warehouse systems, ATM platforms and software.


Examination of IT issues and IT Problems proposition of new solutions

Problem Resolution

Many organizations have systems in place that simply do not deliver well or there is something wrong with them but the owner cannot pinpoint where is the problem. Sometimes it is needed to place responsibility on the vendor who just installed the system and an external entity is required to evaluate the solution.  In this case we can engage and analyze methodically the problem (with  or without the vendor) and propose solutions. Because of our independent nature we can act as the technology ‘lawyer‘ on behalf of the bank.


IT and ATM problem analysis and resolution analysis of data messages and architectures proposition of software solutions.

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Data Analysis of ATM/Switch Messages and Transactions

One of the most annoying aspects of  IT technology  is the fact that one can know that there is a problem but can not identify it easily. Our engagement here is to either pinpoint potential messaging problems and  to provide analysis on which systems communicate incorrectly and why based also on their transactional messages. Also we can provide various statistical analysis of transactions and systems used. This provides insight to technical and business aspects such as timeouts of systems, errors in responses etc. but also for example number of transactions, on us an doff/us, as well as time/period analysis and forecasts.

Development of RFPs for corporates and evaluation.

RFPs Development and Vendor /Solution Evaluation

When an organization identifies that a solution is required then the procurement process is initiated with stakeholders being involved. People in procurement and operations  may be familiar with some systems but certainly not that many as well as not great awareness of competitive advantages of one system versus the other. Our involvement will allow the bank to benefit from our long experience in different financial IT technologies so that an RFP can be prepared that covers all requirements. Furthermore our experience will allow the RFP creation and vendor responses evaluations.

Process Evaluation and Best Practices – IT & ATM Network

We are providing a consultancy in this area specially to areas surrounding IT/Financial Business-technology areas. We can identify and pinpoint the process areas that are problematic and suggest changes that will rectify the problems and optimize costs. In our study we involve analysis of current practices, comparison to best practices, cost analysis of processes and comparison to optimized processes costs.

Auditing of an ATM network examination of switch NDC and XFS issues as well as specialized ATM malware.

Process Evaluation and Best Practices – Cash Operations

Cash operations involve many costs and it is not always visible if an organization is following bets practices.  What we offer is an analysis of the processes also a numerical study of cash utilization and costs and comparison to peer processes and performance metrics.

Analysis and forecasting for cash management and trip analysis.

Process Evaluation and Best Practices – Communications

We analyze the type of communications, protocols and usage as well as bandwidth metrics. It is evaluated if the communications need upgrades to withstand the users load. Also checking here is comparisons of performance metrics with peers values.

We help you in analysing your network vulnerabilities and network switches.

Operating System and Software Infrastructure Audit

Security can never be enough and large organizations are always vulnerable from outside and inside threats. Anti-viruses usually know of a number of threats and do not analyze everything (like external efforts to access).  We provide a robust service of checking servers and workstations of the organization for viruses, trojans , back-doors, open ports and other vulnerabilities that will close any open doors that should be closed.

ATM Network Audit

ATMs security may suffer  from attacks even more as there are a number of possible vulnerability points like communications protocols that can be used for unlawful entry like NDC, ISO 8583 or even malevolent devices that wait to start  copying end-client cards or taking money directly from accounts. Our service will help you to solidify your offered services to your clients without compromising on security.

Communications Audit

Communications problems whether they come from bad cabling or malware may cause a serious problem and can bring a company to its knees or be the source of a continuous cost bleeding. A communications issue may carry a huge cost.  A back-end Communications Audit can ensure that the system is free from malware or background processes or open communication ports.


ATM/IT Forensic Investigation

Most banks and other organizations will face the internal threat. When it comes to IT and ATM criminal investigation we can engage in such a way that we will reveal all past history of what has happened and how from deep inside the software/operating system and device logs, find evidence against the perpetrator and propose solutions on how to avoid similar situations in the future.

Solution Architecture and Software Development

As we have expertise in many banking, financial and IT systems we can help you to design your next solution architecture. Our know how of market solutions and vendors will allow you to mix the best of breed solutions with the assurance that you will receive a problem-free , robust solution architecture. We can consult you on your road-map so that your investment will come naturally matching your budget.

ATM malware forensic fraud investigation.

Project Management

Large projects with tasks ranging from installation of banking systems to large accounting systems for governments need experienced projects managers to complete successfully in time . We are confident that we can add value to any project management that your company needs, but where you will find us extremely useful is if you are a bank then we have the experience with ATM, Switch and other software solutions vendors. We can be your representative, present  whilst different vendors install such systems.

We undertake project management PM PMI for you. Our software developers in C# C++ and VB.NET will help you on your ATM programs solutions.

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