Project Management

We have experience in project management of large projects, from installation of banking systems to large accounting systems for governments with success and always finishing within the time limits as defined by the project plans. We are confident that we can add value to any project management that your company needs, but where you will find us extremely useful is if you are a bank then we have the experience with ATM, Switch and other software solutions vendors. We can be your representative, present  whilst different vendors install such systems.


Many projects fail because of poor project management or poor knowledge of the subject at hand. Specially with banking systems, ATM or switch systems, card payments etc. a project manager is not enough to know only how to manage a project but numerous other vital information relating to this business. You can rest that when you assign us the project management of one of your projects we know this business, we know the vendors their plus and minuses and we can make a difference.



The Service Deliverables


•  Discussion with your stakeholders and vendors to develop a project plan.


•  Identification and development of Statement of work on behalf of vendor on your behalf


•  Identification and establishment of resources from all parties


•  Establishment of Technical and Steering Committees


•  Follow-up of project on-site or remotely (or both)


•  Technical Meetings once a week


•  Steering Committee every month


•  Oversee of testing


•  Sign-off



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