Problem Resolution

Many organizations have systems in place that simply do not deliver well or there is something wrong with them but the owner cannot pinpoint where is the problem. Sometimes it is needed to place responsibility on the vendor who just installed the system and an external entity is required to evaluate the solution.  In this case we can engage and analyze methodically the problem (with  or without the vendor) and propose solutions. Because of our independent nature we can act as the technology ‘lawyer‘ on behalf of the bank.


Our knowhow of network systems, ATM platforms, messaging and payments can be of great use when you need an expert. As we are not an ATM or switch vendor nor part of your organization we can then be impartial and identify all the problems and set responsibilities right which is important because it helps place cost undertaking of resolution.

Then after all stakeholders agree on problems and cost undertaking we can then help identify tasks that will lead to eventual problem resolution. In case that the problem is unsolvable by the vendor or you may need assistance on a programmatic side we can then again intervene with our developers.


Types of usual problems that we deal with are ATM Hardware and software, ATM messaging ,  network, vsat problems and database issues.


ATM Problem resolution NDC XFS System ATM Sofwtare Development


The Service Deliverables:


•  Problem Identification, interviews and examination


•  Problem Document Report, Suggested responsibilities and tasks ahead


•  Synchronization between your organization and 3d party vendors


•  May undertake resolution with our professional services (development or network/ATM expertise)


•  Verification of problem resolution


•  Sign off

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