Press Releases and Time Line


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01/01/2016 Founding of TheCoreProcess webpage


14/04/2016 Acceptance of SAFESCAN to be represented by "CoreProcess"


30/05/2016 Setup of Company "SJM CoreProcess LTD" (Branded "CoreProcess" or "TheCoreProcess")


31/05/2016 Beginning of Operations


01/06/2016 Announcement in Cypriot, Greek, Lebanese and Egyptian newspapers


18/07/2016 Retail Reseller Agreement with NCR


27/09/2016 Tharwa 2016 POS Software announced published by Core Process


01/02/2017 Tharwa 2016 available by AMAZON Prime


15/02/2017 Assignment by FriendCloud as Local Administrator




Tharwa 2016 POS  Software