Process Evaluation and Best Practices – IT & ATM Network

We are providing a consultancy in this area specially to areas surrounding IT/Financial Business-technology areas. We can identify and pinpoint the process areas that are problematic and suggest changes that will rectify the problems and optimize costs. In our study we involve analysis of current practices, comparison to best practices, cost analysis of processes and comparison to optimized processes costs.

This service has to do with evaluation of IT or ATM network systems in relation to performance.


We record your systems metrics and human processes in ATM and IT Monitoring, Network Security, and Transaction Management. The recording of your systems such as performance levels, ATM availability, Cost of ownership, cost per transaction  and many other metrics are compared versus  regional and global peers providing you a  benchmarking report that will give insights on which systems or processes need changes or upgrades.


This service can be combined with the other Process Evaluation / Best Practices services (Cash operations and Communications)  that we offer to provide a more complete view.

The Service Deliverables:


• Examination of current Processes


• Questionnaires and interviews with personnel to establish parameters of

   - ATM/IT Network Utilization Performance, Bandwidth Performance,
     Availability/Downtime Analysis

   - ATM/IT Network + Transactions Cost Performance


•  Benchmarking Report – Compare yourselves with others


• Delivery of a suggestion of changes document


ATM Best Practices ATM Evaluation
ATM Best ractices availability customer satisfaction KPI Metrics analysis
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