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The EAN13 Barcode printing software works with any A4 standard size printer preferably a laser printer. Normal barcode printers are very expensive and difficult to find whereas normal printers are always available. With this software you can generate your barcode listings and other information and import it to create barcode labels on stickers.


 The EAN13 is compatible with the THARWA 2016 POS SOFTWARE and can work also with other csv (excel) files. Youc an save in the EAN format (CMP) or you can export/import to CSV(excel).


 One way of working is that you sue your regular software for stock inventory or POS or other database system and you export to EAN the codes and information that you wish to print barcode labels for.


Suitable for clothes stickers (You print the stickers and you stick them on the clothes labels).


You can start from here and create each individual barcode details by placing information such as the barcode which can be validated against EAN13 standard (so that hardware barcode scanners can identify teh codes) and other details such as Product Name , Info and price. This is very suitable for  either packets of merchandise or clothing labels. Similarly the software can be used to print larger labels that c an be used with card sized hard paper that can be used instead of magnetic cards for loyalty purposes.

From the page editor you can place the created barcodes to specific places to be printed either one or many and also you can change the size or gaps of labels. Individual templates can be used to create  4x6, 4 x 3, 2 x 3 and other sized labels. Also the barcodes can be printed at different sizes.

The export / import functions allow collaboration with excel and to other programs like THARWA 2016 POS Software. You can either start from EAN13 and create your product/barcode listings and export them to the stock inventory program that you use or the other way around.



• Generates Barcodes EAN13

• Places on templates on A4 size (usually used with sticker A4 size)

• Templates can be of different size stickers

• Prints 1 or many pages

• Export Function to CSV

• Import Function from CSV

• Windows 7 / 10


In the Box

• CD of Software

• License code and agreement