Data Analysis of ATM/Switch Messages and Transactions

One of the most annoying aspects of  IT technology  is the fact that one can know that there is a problem but can not identify it easily. Our engagement here is to either pinpoint potential messaging problems and  to provide analysis on which systems communicate incorrectly and why based also on their transactional messages. Also we can provide various statistical analysis of transactions and systems used. This provides insight to technical and business aspects such as timeouts of systems, errors in responses etc. but also for example number of transactions, on us an doff/us, as well as time/period analysis and forecasts.


NDC Data Analysis XFS Analysis and Device Message Analysis

There is a wealth of information in messages that are exchanged between systems such as device status, transactions information, value but also operational status and health of the system in place itself hidden in plain site, such as delays of messages that may cause server timeouts or failed to arrive messages because of inactive scripts or business rules.


You will benefit through this service as we can give you both IT as well as business information which you can analyze further and take important strategic decisions such as if the current system or sub-system serves your purpose, if it has to be enhanced or for a device to be upgraded or for an ATM to be moved to a better place where it can produce more transactions.



The Service Deliverables:


•  NDC messaging examination (on sample ATMs)

          > Device Health, identification of usual problems

          > Performance and Availability Level report

          > Timing between messages

          > Timing between ATM-Switch, identification of timeouts,r elated issues

          > Transaction reconciliation test (proof of correctness)

          > Illegal switch or ATM messages




•  Device Logs / Software logs analysis


•  ISO 8583 Logs analysis


•  ATM Monitoring System (GASPER/VISION/PROVIEW/EMS etc.) message analysis





NDC Data Analysis XFS Analysis and Device Message Analysis
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