Communications Audit

Communications problems whether they come from bad cabling or malware may cause a serious problem and can bring a company to its knees or be the source of a continuous cost bleeding. A communications issue may carry a huge cost.  A back-end Communications Audit can ensure that the system is free from malware or background processes or open communication ports.


Communications Audit goes into deep examination of all communication aspects and hardware of an organization . We examine operating systems of workstations servers or ATMs/kiosks for open ports or unwanted open communication channels over different protocols from TCP/UDP/ISO8583/NDC etc. Also we see the type of transactions performed under this scope.


Within the scope of routers we examine how the routers interact and bandwidth utilization.


One of the interesting aspects of this type of audit is penetration testing from both internal setup as well as from the outside of the network.



The Service Deliverables:


•  Operating System Communication Systems/setup/applications


•  Registry examination for connection


•  System/application logs for connections


•  Open Ports/protocols utilized, tcp validity addresses


•  Routers connectivity/routing tables


•  Firewalls examinations


•  Bandwidth Analysis


•  Users Connectivity Usage Analysis


•  Users web access risk analysis


•  Email risk analysis


•  Systems Ping/Delay Analysis


•  Point-2-Point TCP/UDP Connection test (Specialized for network issues)


•  vital systems penetration testing



Registry examination background process examination bandwidth kpi metrics analysis
Router examination analysis bandwidth email check
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