Process Evaluation and Best Practices – Communications

We analyze the type of communications, protocols and usage as well as bandwidth metrics. It is evaluated if the communications need upgrades to withstand the users load. Also checking here is comparisons of performance metrics with peers values.


Network Communications is the backbone of any company but usually not sufficient attention is given to it. As a result functions such as email, back-end system functioning client-server, web-services or whatever model may suffer, ATM transactions or on-line payments may get lost, cash on ATMs may be retracted but significant messaging requiring to show that the activity has been completed has been lost on milliseconds.


What we offer is a structured analysis of your communications starting with interviewing personnel on their experience with it, how is email reaction, what is internet reaction etc. and then we begin taking measurements. We analyze these versus standard best practices and we search for any problems like disconnections or micro-disconnections and number of connections between points.


All these they form the picture of your network which we place in a benchmarking report which can be used to give guidance for further actions like purchasing of new systems or modifications that are suggested.



The Service Deliverables are:


•  Network Bandwidth and Performance Analysis


• Connectivity Analysis


• Interruption Analysis


• Email utilization analysis


• Web utilization analysis


• Configurations Checkup


• Benchmarking report


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Communication Best practices bandwidth connectivity kpi metrics Communication auditing vulnerability testing