Process Evaluation and Best Practices – Cash Operations

Cash operations involve many costs and it is not always visible if an organization is following best practices.  What we offer is an analysis of the processes also a numerical study of cash utilization and costs and comparison to peer processes and performance metrics.


This service can be combined with the other Process Evaluation / Best Practices services (Cash operations and Communications)  that we offer to provide a more complete view.

Cash Operation Optimization analysis is a service that we offer to customers with cash operations that would like to optimize their costs which are the trips, processing cash, opportunity cost , insurance and personnel cost.


Most operations teams handle this process based on their past experience however  past experience is not always the most optimum solution and continuing on the same path may mean the loss of a substantial amount of cash in costs.


Statistical analysis and cycle simulation of different possible delivery cycles and amounts can optimize the costs of this cycle by a 30%-40% in many times saving the bottom line millions of dollars.


Cash Management analysis trip analysis cash forecasting
Cash Management Analysis prediction graph

The analysis can show what were the actual costs and where they contributed from and these can be compared to the projected costs that will be predicted by our analysis. The optimized parameters can be then established in the branch and ATM network to bring significant changes. The service can be repeated every few months to ensure the keeping of good parameters.


The Service Deliverables:


• Examination of current Process


• Implementing a questionnaire to the bank to establish parameters


• Costs and Deliveries statistical analysis and reports on cost of period, cash utilization and other


• Optimized deliveries analysis and compared ‘what if’ optimized scenario was run


• Apply forecast on next period and optimized deliveries to establish new costs and savings


• Cash Management Benchmarking – Compare yourselves with others


• Delivery of a suggestion of changes document