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Professional Services

Visionary software developers and architects that help create the next level of solutions. Also in this area, the project managers that make sure that these solutions get delivered properly in time and budget.


Sales Specialists consultants knows how to bind different solutions and services together so that your vision can become a reality model with you  the business impact of upcoming solutions. This is a customer engaging job.

Software Auditors

Insightful consultants who undertake the extremely sensitive responsibility of auditing software setups, communications and security for corporate organizations such as banks or large corporations.

Specialists and Business Consultants

Experienced Consultants who can provide in depth analysis to a wide range of business and technical issues from  ATM operations, Cash Management, Transaction and  Communication analysis. Provide business consultancy or help organizations as business experts in tasks such as procurement of new technologies.

Engineering- Product Management

The people who generate the next level of technologies that are used to bring a bright new world!